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With the easiest tool for creating sheet music together

❶Group problem solving processes:

MeetingWords is a simple text editor for the web.

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The musical assistant explains developments in musical research and translates artistic ideas into programming languages. Finally, he or she transforms those ideas into a score or a computer program and often performs the musical piece during the concerts. Collaboration in entertainment dates from the origin of theatrical productions, millenia ago. It takes the form of writers, directors, actors, producers and other individuals or groups work on the same production.

In the twenty-first century, new technology has enhanced collaboration. Screenwriter organizations bring together professional and amateur writers and filmmakers. Collaboration in business can be found both within and across organizations [30] and ranges from partnership and crowd funding to the complexity of a multinational corporation.

Inter-organizational collaboration brings participating parties to invest resources, mutually achieve goals, share information, resources, rewards and responsibilities, as well as make joint decisions and solve problems. It is a way of coordinating different ideas from numerous people to generate a wide variety of knowledge. Collaboration with a selected few firms has been shown to positively impact firm performance and innovation outcomes. Technology has provided the internet, wireless connectivity and collaboration tools such as blogs and wikis, and has as such created the possibility of " mass collaboration ".

People are able to rapidly communicate and share ideas, crossing longstanding geographical and cultural boundaries. Social networks permeate business culture where collaborative uses include file sharing and knowledge transfer. Journalist Evan Rosen claims that command-and-control organizational structures inhibit collaboration and replacing such structures allows collaboration to flourish.

Studies have found that collaboration can increase achievement and productivity. Coworking spaces are businesses that provide space for freelancers to work with others in a collaborative environment. In recent years, co-teaching has become more common, found in US classrooms across all grade levels and content areas. As American classrooms have become increasingly diverse, so have the challenges for educators. Due to the diverse needs of students with designated special needs, English language learners ELL , and students of varied academic levels, teachers have developed new approaches that provide additional student support.

In the report "What Matters Most: Teachers increasingly use collaborative software to establish virtual learning environments VLEs. This allows them to share learning materials and feedback with both students and in some cases, parents. Collaboration in publishing can be as simple as dual-authorship or as complex as commons-based peer production. This approach helped ensure that the technical aspects of the novel The Martian were as accurate as possible.

Scientific collaboration rapidly advanced throughout the twentieth century as measured by the increasing numbers of coauthors on published papers. Wagner and Leydesdorff found international collaborations to have doubled from to While nurses have long collaborated with doctors, the physician assistant - physician relationship is more recent.

A collaborative plan is filed with each state board of medicine where the PA works. This plan formally delineates the scope of practice approved by the physician. Collaboration in technology encompasses a broad range of tools that enable groups of people to work together including social networking, instant messaging, team spaces, web sharing, audio conferencing, video, and telephony.

Many large companies adopt collaboration platforms to allow employees, customers and partners to intelligently connect and interact. Enterprise collaboration tools focus on encouraging collective intelligence and staff collaboration at the organization level, or with partners. These include features such as staff networking, expert recommendations, information sharing, expertise location, peer feedback , and real-time collaboration.

At the personal level, this enables employees to enhance social awareness and their profiles and interactions Collaboration encompasses both asynchronous and synchronous methods of communication and serves as an umbrella term for a wide variety of software packages.

Perhaps the most commonly associated form of synchronous collaboration is web conferencing, but the term can encompass IP telephony, instant messaging, and rich video interaction with telepresence, as well. Not only can a group cheaply communicate, but the wide reach of the Internet allows groups to easily form, particularly among dispersed, niche participants.

An example of this is the free software movement in software development which produced GNU and Linux from scratch and has taken over development of Mozilla and OpenOffice. Commons-based peer production is a term coined by Yale Law professor Yochai Benkler to describe a new model of economic production in which the creative energy of large numbers of people is coordinated usually with the aid of the internet into large, meaningful projects, mostly without hierarchical organization or financial compensation.

He compares this to firm production where a centralized decision process decides what has to be done and by whom and market-based production when tagging different prices to different jobs serves as an attractor to anyone interested in doing the job. Examples of products created by means of commons-based peer production include Linux , a computer operating system ; Slashdot , a news and announcements website; Kuro5hin , a discussion site for technology and culture; Wikipedia , an online encyclopedia ; and Clickworkers , a collaborative scientific work.

Another example is Socialtext , a software solution that uses tools such as wikis and weblogs and helps companies to create a collaborative work environment. The term massively distributed collaboration was coined by Mitchell Kapor , in a presentation at UC Berkeley on , to describe an emerging activity of wikis and electronic mailing lists and blogs and other content-creating virtual communities online.

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Creating a Culture of Collaboration. Wagner and Loet Leydesdorff. Globalisation in the network of science in The diffusion of international collaboration and the formation of a core group Archived at the Wayback Machine.. A Home in Community.

Retrieved 3 February What did I care? I turned around and went back down the stairs. She looked up at Michael, her boss, looming over her as she cleaned the mess he had made.

She was sick of this. His sick little power trip. She looked at the puddle and then back up at Michael. I watched as the bugs scuttled away under the leaves and brush of the forest floor. Nestling into the mud, they left the carcass as i lifted it up into the light. It was quite beautiful when you looked at it that way, the strings of meat and muscle and fat. I was terrified, because the further i lifted it, the stronger the desire became.

An insatiable lust for the dead animal in my hand. How good it would feel on my teeth, to rip through the flesh like a twig beneath my feet. There is nothing I would love more than to suck the last bits of meat from the muddy bones. Your institution also benefits from a customizable resource portal, thesis templates with institutional repository submission links, teaching toolkit, member training and a real-time analytics and reporting hub.

Expand your publishing ecosystem by providing a fast, efficient route for authors to write, edit and submit their manuscripts to your journals. Overleaf provides custom templates with incorporated author guidelines and pre-submission checks, and 1-click submission links which integrate with your existing manuscript management system to provide a simple, streamlined experience.

I strongly recommend it to everyone who uses LaTeX on a regular basis. Edit online from anywhere and on any device - Overleaf works great on your iPad, tablet and smartphone. Overleaf merges changes from all authors transparently, so everyone always has the latest version.

Works great with the todonotes package! Every project you create has a secret link. Just send it to your co-authors, and they can review, comment and edit. Overleaf compiles your project in the background — quickly tame even the most complicated equations! Make amazing presentations with the beamer package and templates! The preview also helps with complicated tables, tikz figures and pgfplots graphs.

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Overleaf is an online LaTeX and Rich Text collaborative writing and publishing tool that makes the whole process of writing, editing and publishing scientific documents much quicker and easier.

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"Why write together?" the authors ask. They answer that question here, in the first book to combine theoretical and historical explorations with actual research on collaborative and group writing. Transforming media into collaborative spaces with video, voice, and text commenting.