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Expensive, Affordable and Cheap Ghostwriters

Expensive Ghostwriters

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Affordable Ghostwriters

Our ghostwriters have the capacity to tap your vision and bring it to life. Call us…write to us…surprise us. And we do get surprised. One client needed a page business book written in two weeks. The writer they normally call on for such tasks laughed when asked to do the project, so they gave it to us instead. We delivered the finished manuscript on time and on budget. The difficult we do daily. The impossible takes two weeks.

Our speeches have been delivered before the United Nations and before business groups. Our wedding toasts and marriage vows are the stuff of legend. Our words have thrilled university students and their families on graduation day. Our screenplays have won prizes at film festivals and have been produced.

Celebrities have called on us to write autobiographical movie scripts. We often are asked to perform script doctoring work. We will bring our considerable expertise to bear on your project and charge you a reasonable price for the work.

Ghostwriting for documents, newsletters, website content and other short-form projects: Ghostwriting for books destined for publishing on paper, ebooks and memoirs: Rewriting an existing manuscript: Structured poem sonnet, etc. For other needs, inquire. Blog writing rates are on this page.

Please visit the Blog page for more info. Movie treatment and book proposal writing: But with overseas writers, you run the risk of quality gaps, English-language differences, cultural misunderstanding and incongruent voice. Overseas ghostwriters also may not understand your industry.

For example, if you are writing about finance or health care, they may not understand terms and concepts specific to these industries in Western countries. This means they may not know how to present key ideas. They also may not know how to ask critical questions, so that the logic holes in your book are filled.

Overseas ghostwriters also may not understand your cultural context. For example, if you are targeting Gen Xers, Baby Boomers or Cultural Creatives, you may prefer to work with a ghostwriter who understands these psychographics and can help you focus the writing. Whether you choose to work with expensive, affordable or cheap ghostwriters, you will most likely get what you pay for.

How much will your project cost? Contact us for a free consultation for qualified leads. Generally, a ghostwriter will require an upfront deposit, ranging from 20 percent to 50 percent of the total cost. The client then makes installment payments at key points during the project, particularly if it is a long project. With shorter projects, the client pays the entire balance upon completion.

Each contract is different. The actual terms depend on the project scope and what the author and ghostwriter agree upon. Read more about the Author Bridge Media Team. Return to the top of the Expensive, Affordable and Cheap Ghostwriters page. Return to the AuthorBridgeMedia. Any person who has the privilege to work with you is very lucky. Chad Mureta, Author, App Empire: From book jail to book hell to book heaven, all in a few months.

Your work ethic is unbelievable. You are a woman of excellence and diligence. I enjoyed working with you, and I love your heart for people. Their support is amazing and if the author is willing to put in the time necessary, it can and will be done with this team. Expensive, Affordable and Cheap Ghostwriters How much does a ghostwriter cost?

Cheap Ghostwriters You can find cheap ghostwriters by logging on to ghostwriting bidding sites or outsourcing overseas.

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This is the ghostwriting rates page. The entire range of our ghostwriting services can be found on the menu above! Whether you need a book manuscript, screenplay, rap lyrics or wedding vows, you can be assured of expert, prompt, conscientious and affordable service.

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Laura Sherman, a.k.a. “Laura the Friendly Ghostwriter,” is a professional ghostwriter and author. She enjoys writing fiction and nonfiction and is happiest when juggling multiple projects. She recently authored “Chess Is Child’s Play” to introduce the next generation to the game of kings and queens.

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On a budget? High-quality professional services do not come cheaply, but there are ways to reduce the costs of writing a book. For example, many clients who think they require ghostwriting services need only developmental editing services, which costs considerably less. Calculating your freelance ghostwriting rates requires attention to a number of important factors -- and normal fee charts aren't very helpful. I am about to embark on My first ghost writing job and I have some questions. I am considering advertising my services in the local community list-serve. For editing, I was considering charging.

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Alpha custom ghost writing services have very flexible and affordable rates. Our cheap custom ghostwriting services rates may vary according to the amount of research required, the length of book or article, target deadline. the rates cited in this survey.) But, year after year, they sustain themselves and their families on a freelance income, while maintaining control of their hours and their lives. Such freelancers take writing and editing seriously—it’s their business. How Much Should I Charge?